4 Latest Trends In SEO that Seems To Rule 2016

It is simply unfeasible to say “I know everything” when it comes to search engine optimization. Every year Google and other search engines seem to change their rule books. The search-engines have in their hunt for more user-relevant search results developed algos that are smarter & meaner, so you can no longer stuff your descriptions, headers and page titles with keywords and anticipate to be rewarded. In this blog, I’ve listed some trends which I assume will have an effect on search result in 2016.

Offer answers to what people are looking for:

Configure your marketing content in such a manner that browsers don’t need to go through so many options to get the replies for their inquiries. Latest trend in SERPs demonstrate that oftentimes the top-ranking pages are those which provide step-by-step instructions as well as how-to-do posts. So, when it comes to your SEO strategy, ensure your content provides more value to the browsers rather than being a keyword-heavy mishmash of words.

Interact with your users through their devices:

Since Smartphone & tablet devices outpaced conventional desktops, the demand of mobile responsive website is exceedingly increased.


Ensure that your site’s content & image can reflow & fit smaller monitors of portable gadgets. Check out if the textual content is readable easily when sighted on mobile & tablet screens without requiring manual zoom.

Localized your keywords:

The attention this year has shifted to local SEO and local keywords. It has turned out to be obligatory for businesses to rank well on localized searches as user behavior has shifted from specific to more informal keywords.

To make your business more relevant in search engine result pages list it with Google Business Page. It seems that Google is a little bias towards authenticated Google Plus listings.

Make frequent utilization of your brand-name, contact number and address throughout your site & social media pages.

Social media is catching the attention:

This year social media pages seems to be obtaining more attention from search engines. There’s a boost in quotation  streaming from twitter into news & media articles, Facebook posts are being mentioned everywhere and again those Google+ pages are giving you major space in SERPs.

Social media optimization
Social Media Trend

So, it is the right time to accelerate the social media campaign for your online business. Contact RankGators.

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