3 Most Common Black-Hat SEO Techniques Used To Trick Google Today

In the sphere of search engine optimization, we’ve clear guidelines to pursue. Principles are established to offer a relevant & safe surrounding and to make sure great user experience. Ranking high needs updating yourself with the present and changing search engine optimization trends and regularly customizing your approach to fit any latest algo updates.

On the hand, there’re people (spammers) who attempt to trick search engine and bring organic traffic to their sites without pursuing any guidelines. That is the negative side of SEO.

If you’re keen, what are the most common black-hat SEO techniques used to influence Google nowadays, just keep reading this post.

Paid Links:

Purchasing links for search engine optimization has some irrefutable benefits for the purchasers. Nonetheless, it’s easy. As soon as a transaction is accomplished, there’s no requirement to concern with the excellence of the content. In second, the anchor text, an influential Google ranking aspect, is also selected as per consumers’ preference. These 2 reasons are adequate to fruitfully influence rankings which’s why this SEO practice is categorized as a “Black Hat” method.

Spam Comments:

Well, Spam comments are meant to produce free backlinks. Links acquired through this approach are 100 percent ‘no-follow’ and bring no SEO juice. In fact, it’s presently one of the most used black-hat techniques.

If you’ve left your blog for open commenting without any quality checking, sooner or later you’re going to obtain spam comments which will definitely leave an unconstructive impression over the potential customers. That is why it is wise to stop spam comments prior to they make your users sense uncomfortable and deject them from writing any useful comments.

Keep in mind, spam comments also hurt your blog by making it appear neglected & unprofessional.


Insert the search term “cloaking” into the Google search box and wait for the answer! Well, you’ll be given with the answer that “cloaking” is a search-engine practice that presents absolutely different URL or content to the browsers than to the search-engine spider.

For your knowledge, this SEO practice is also considered as black-hat since it cheats search-engines to acquire the desired rank for target keywords. Furthermore, it is an infringement of Google Webmaster Guidelines since in a majority of cases; it caters users with inappropriate results.

While choosing your SEO Company in USA, keep these black-hat practices in mind and ask them what techniques they will be using to give you a better rank.

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