5 SEO Myths That You Shouldn’t Follow in 2016

You may be astonished to know that how common some SEO myths are still in 2016, so it is certainly time to identify them and leave them behind for an improved SEO effort.

Whether you are a professional or a starter at SEO, it is always helpful to pile up all the myths you discover, so you can work out for yourself the ones you really should be concerned about. Here are 5 SEO myths to forget in 2016.

SEO is Dead:

This is undoubtedly the most typical SEO related myth and broadly spread among websites & communities. If you wish to keep on reading & set things straight once and for all, remember that search-engines and algorithms aren’t vanishing anytime soon, so you may still depend on search engine optimization to sustain visibility & traffic to your website.

SEO is all about incorporating the appropriate keywords:

There happen to be a time when keyword density was identical with an excellent SEO approach, but as search-engines keep customizing, so does the SEO practice. No doubt keywords are still a crucial part of optimization, but the emphasis is more on the content instead of the particular keyword.

SEO is all about ranking #1 on search engine result pages:

Several SEO experts in India assure to land your online business at the number one ranking position for merely $100, but even if they manage to keep their promise, SEO isn’t just about ranking, particularly when emphasizing on the objective of reaching the top position.

Your SEO approach must aim to boost traffic, customer engagement and finally conversions and this can’t be accomplished by only emphasizing on the website’s position in SERPs.

It is a fact that being on the 1st page of search engine result pages can guide to a boost of traffic to your page, but the objective isn’t to simply acquire the number one spot.

For instance, featured snippets, the synopsis of an answer to a user’s query that’s demonstrated on top of Google search results, can guide to a boost of traffic of about 20-30 percent, but 70 percent of them don’t come from the 1st organic result. Therefore, it is the content optimization, the utility and the relevance that may guide to extra traffic and make your SERP ranking more productive.

The more web pages you’ve, the better the ranking:

Quantity shouldn’t be favored over quality, particularly when it comes to your SEO tactic.

You can develop as many web pages as you wish if you sense that they put in value to your website, but there is no requirement to make supplementary pages anticipating to boost your crawling from search-engines. Not each page gets indexed and quality is an important aspect for your endeavor to boost your website’s visibility.

Mobile optimization is overvalued:

Do you still undervalue mobile optimization in 2016? “Mobilegeddon” is here to stay, which signifies that Google officially evaluates the mobile responsiveness of your website among its various ranking aspects.

Mobile optimization is all about user experience, whether it is the designing of the web page, the friendliness, the page speed, the number of clicks, or even the screen dimension.

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