How to fix New Index Coverage Issue Detected in Google search console

Fix Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’

Google has recently introduced a Beta version of Google Search Console tool in which webmaster can easily find out their site insight and content indexing. Today in this article, we will discuss New Index coverage issue detected.

After launching Beta version, Google is informed every webmaster about Index coverage issue detected via email.

If Google has detected Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ on your site and emailed you then do not ignore it. It may badly hurt your website SEO and Search Engine ranking. Here we are going to discuss with you how to fix Index Coverage Issue in webmaster tool.

How to fix New Index Coverage Issue Detected in Google search console tool

First, log in to your Webmaster tool. Then click on the status >> Index coverage >> Submitted URL marked ‘noindex‘.



Here Google will provide 4 ways (Test Robots.txt Blocking, Fetch as Google, View as Search Result, Submit to Index) to fix your affected URLs as you can see in the screenshot,


If you are a WordPress user, you can easily fix Index Coverage Issue with the help of Yoast SEO plugin.

After getting the Affected page (URL), log in to your WordPress site. Then navigate to the Affected page (URL) and click edit post then go to Yoast SEO settings section, then click on the GEAR icon and select “Yes” from the drop-down menu of the “Allow search engines to show this Post in search results?” & Select “Yes” from “Should search engines follow links on this Post?”. You can see screenshots below.


After doing this, update your post and repeat this process for all affected pages/URL. After changing the Meta robots index, submit the sitemap again.

You have Successfully fixed Index Coverage Issue (Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’) in Search Console Tool.


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