3 Biggest Reasons to Fire Your SEO Company In India Right Away

Some people believe that SEO (search engine optimization) is dead whereas some other believes that SEO is the most productive online marketing practice in the current era. However, I personally suppose that SEO is incessantly developing and help you accomplish the maximum revenue if done proficiently.


So, now the discussion is driven to how you can say that you’re executing the correct SEO practices. For that we cannot help but depend on SEO Company in India. But how can you guarantee that your SEO Company is dependable.

I’ve come up with 3 reasons why you must fire your SEO service in India without wasting your hard-earned time & money.

Point 1: They don’t wish you to get into the practice:


When your SEO Company don’t wish you to get into the procedure, that is an indications to be warned, possibilities are high that they’re not doing “white-hat” SEO.

It is true that “black-hat” techniques provide fast outcome but the technological advancement Google have made recently you will be caught by Google sooner than latter and in the worse case your site get penalized or banned. So, don’t take chances!

Ask your SEO Company in India what their strategy will be to rank your business well on search engines.

Point 2: They perform spammy practices to obtain inbound links:

A site’s inbound links establishes its authority and also reliability. A flow of irrelevant & low-quality inbound links pushes your site to acquire the manual penalty from Google. Without any hesitation, if a company is doing SEO for your site, they must be building inbound links for you. Check out how they’re doing link building.

If you find they’re the ones who’re accountable for getting you a flow spammy backlinks then fire them right away.

Point 3: They aren’t supple to Google algorithm updates:

A great number of SEO firms have disappeared from the market since the last few years and the reason is they are ignorant about the continuous Google updates. About 10 years ago when Google pays high attention to quantity, the procedure of doing thousands of classified, bookmarking, directories and keyword stuffing  deliver visible outcome but now the scenario has changed completely. Now Google persistently updates its algorithm and you have to be flexible with the updates if you want to survive the competition.

Ask your SEO service what they do to be flexible with Google algorithm updates; if the answer looks unsatisfactory fire them right away for badlink removal services and Google penalty recovery.

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