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How to Know If Your Australian SEO Company Hurting Your Search Engine Campaign – RankGators BLOG – News and Updates on SEO, SMO, PPC
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How to Know If Your Australian SEO Company Hurting Your Search Engine Campaign

I know many small businesses that’ve placed their faith in an Australian SEO company, only to have their websites all but ruined through black-hat practices. I have seen struggling online start-ups invested “Big Money” striving to see improvement in their search engine ranking, and then suddenly realized they have been tricked.

I don’t wish that to take place to you. I don’t wish you to waste your fund or destroy your website. Here in this post I have mentioned a few points to ensure if your Australia SEO company is hurting your search engine campaign.

They’ve hardly anything to show:

Two, three, or even 4 months into an agreement might be too short to get considerable SEO outcomes. Nonetheless, your SEO firm must be doing something and you’ve the right to ask for deliverables.

  • An audit of your website
  • A study of your website’s link profile
  • Optimize content on your website
  • Articles with links to your website that have been published on other websites

They don’t inquire you for anything:

An SEO firm that is doing good work is going to require your assistance. You are the website proprietor, so they may inquire you for the following:

  • Admin access to your CMS
  • Access to Google Webmaster tools
  • Admin access to Google analytics
  • A list of targeted keywords
  • Access to social accounts

If they do not inquire for anything, it may be that they are just incorporating backlinks from their massive network of spammy sites. They don’t require access, and there is a chance they’re doing potentially injurious activities.

They don’t have any suggestion for improvements:

If an SEO firm isn’t telling you to perform particular things, it is an indication that they’re up to something vulnerable – either that, or doing nothing whatsoever.

Dishonest SEO services often merely redirect a cluster of backlinks to your website with the hope that it’ll give you higher yield. They aren’t keen in interacting with their clients. Rather, they just wish to offer you something that’ll make you think that you are getting benefits.

Your ranking drop significantly:

Ranking drops for many reasons. I suggest that you keep a close eye on your ranking. If you see that your rankings are declining steadily, then your SEO service might be doing activities that are making your website penalized algorithmically.

You start ranking for the inappropriate keywords:

You must know what your targeted keywords are. Furthermore, you must have idea about Google analytics, how your long tail keywords are driving traffic or ranking in the search engine result pages.

If your organic keyword varies considerably, be alert, if you start acquiring traffic from the inappropriate keywords, it is occurring for a reason. Or, if you stop ranking for earlier high ranking keywords, this’s also troublesome.

Your aim in boosting your traffic is to acquire targeted traffic. If for some reasons, the traffic approach from vulnerable queries, then it could be an indication of arbitrary and slipshod work by your SEO firm.

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