To match the competitiveness and deliver the best-in-class projects, RankGators utilize cutting-edge solutions. We provide complete design and development solutions by selecting the right type of technologies that suits your requirement. Our expert team plan, design and builds successful projects with effective technologies and strategies that rates higher in today’s dynamic digital world.

1. Client-Side Technologies:

  • XHTML- This is a markup language that is designed to structure information for webpages.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - This technology controls how the web pages are displayed in the web browser and allow the right display of structure as well as the content.
  • JavaScript- This is a lightweight scripting technology, which is used alongside the XHTML documents to make the website more interactive.

2. Server-Side Technologies:

  • PHP: This is a server-side scripting language, which is used to create or build interactive and dynamic website.
  • CGI/Perl: Perl is a programming language, which handles the input and output from web server and usually through the CGI or Common Gateway Interface.
  • XML/XSL: This is a software and hardware independent markup language, which is designed for describing and transmitting information. Whereas, XSL is a language that is used for defining, transforming and formatting XML documents.
  • SSL/Secure Servers: Secure Servers ensures that every information, which is exchanged between the visitor and the website that cannot be viewed by any third parties.

3. Frameworks:

  • Ruby on Rails: A full stack of framework can be built using ruby
  • Drupal: This is a CMS framework that is built using PHP
  • Wordpress: This is a CMS or Content Management System, which is built on PHP and makes websites dynamic
  • Bootstrap: This is a UI or User Interface framework, which is used for building websites using HTML/CSS/JavaScript


  • SQL Server: This is an SQL Server manager, which is created by Microsoft
  • Oracle: This is an enterprise SQL database
  • MySQL: This is a popular open-source SQL database, which is used in Wordpress websites


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